Administrative Care Coordination Unit (ACCU) & Ombudsman Program

This program provides education and outreach to Medical Assistance recipients to increase awareness of Medical Assistance Programs.

  • Educates MA clients on how to utilize the MCO system appropriately and navigate the Health Choice System
  • Provides assistance to pregnant women and families with children in completion of the MCHP application
  • Provides education for MA recipients on the MCO enrollment process
  • Assists individuals who are enrolled in or are eligible for MA to access and utilize health care services
  • Educates recipients on the importance of timely follow-up when appointments/treatments have been missed and the importance and availability of preventive health care
  • Assists MA recipients who are not in care to re-enter the health care system.
  • Targeted services to Medicaid pregnant women and newborns

Ombudsman Program
This program serves as a resource for Medicaid recipients and providers. It assists with care coordination, service access, complaint resolution or other indentified needs; works with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations to ensure enrollees receive covered services.